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Arche Lamyko tulle shoes

Manufacturer: Arche
SKU: ARC16601
Classic ballerina with a buckle across the foot.
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A beautiful little ballet flat with a sweet buckle across the foot.

The lovely ballet flat is made of suede and features a trim around and a strap in smooth leather, which adds to the classic and simple shoe's elegant and chic look.

The leather wraps around the feet, and you'll hardly feel like you're wearing the shoe, except for the floating sensation provided by the raw rubber sole.

The ballet flat will look really nice with a dress or skirt, where the beautiful strap really shines, and if you pair it with jeans or slacks, you'll give your look a feminine and elegant touch.

A beautiful little shoe that you'll love wearing.

Arche is a French family-owned shoe company that has been producing shoes, sandals, and boots in the finest leather qualities since 1968. Arche puts a lot of energy into choosing leather and designing footwear that is classic but always has a little twist.

Shoes and boots from Arche are incredibly soft and mold to the foot - all shoes are designed and produced in France, and uniquely, Arche handles the entire production process from inspiration to the model until the lid is put on the box and sent out to us. Each shoe goes through 120 steps to ensure that the fit, quality, and joy of life are just right.

Unique shoes and boots with a classic, feminine, and cool expression that your feet will love you for many years.

  • The ballet flat is made of suede and smooth leather.
  • The ballet flat is true to size and fit.
  • The ballet flat has a delicious rubber sole, which is slightly higher at the back than at the front.
  • Wearing Arche shoes is a blend of cool elegance and comfort.