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Legero sandal with Velcro closure.

Stylish and comfortable sandal with Velcro straps.
425 DKK 849 DKK

Paul Green sandal

Feminin, klassisk og elegant sandal i rosa guld med korksål.
624 DKK 1,249 DKK

Paul Green klassisk sandal med hæl

Feminin sandal med elegant ankelrem.
649 DKK 1,299 DKK

Legero sandal

Classic and comfortable sandal with 3 Velcro straps.
425 DKK 849 DKK

Chie Mihara Xayani

A feminine and elegant sandal shoe.
1,529 DKK 2,549 DKK

Chie Mihara Xayani sandal green

Feminine and elegant sandal shoe.
2,549 DKK

Chie Mihara Tayda

A flat and beautiful sandal with the most exquisite flower.
1,469 DKK 2,449 DKK

Chie Mihara Queri

Elegant and exclusive sandal inspired by Salvador Dali's expression.
2,549 DKK

Chie Mihara Quara

A beautiful and sophisticated sandal.
1,409 DKK 2,349 DKK

Chie Mihara Keduni

A high-heeled sandal with a slingback, purple piping, and a T-strap.
1,499 DKK 2,499 DKK

Arche Comaya sandal shoe

Classic and beautiful sandal shoe with side buckle.
1,149 DKK 2,299 DKK

Think Slipper leather

Feminin og cool slip-in sandal med remme.
499 DKK 999 DKK

Paul Green Luxus espadrillos

Feminin og casual espradillos.
574 DKK 1,149 DKK

Think Zeppa sandal med blomster

Feminin og elegant sandal med smukke blomster hen over tæerne
649 DKK 1,299 DKK

Think Kama flad sandal

Feminin og elegant sandal med det fineste fletmønster hen over foden.
599 DKK 1,199 DKK

Think Sandal flad med velco lukning

Feminin og cool sandal med skrå velcrolukning.
599 DKK 1,199 DKK

Chie Mihara Tanzo low sandal

Beautiful sandal with a low heel and the most exquisite cutout design in the front.
2,299 DKK

Chie Mihara Lyon sandal with flower and medium heel.

Beautiful sandal in warm brown and cool green shades with a lovely flower at the front.
2,599 DKK

Chie Mihara Katia high sandal with platform

Elegant and timeless shoe with built-in platform at the front and ankle strap.
2,449 DKK

Chie Mihara Gelia medium high sandal with platform.

Classic, feminine, and chic sandal.
1,439 DKK 2,399 DKK

Think flad blomst sandal med regulærbare velco

Feminin og komfortabel sandal med smukke blomster hen over tæerne.
599 DKK 1,199 DKK

Chie Mihara's Macel sandal in suede.

Macel is a beautiful and very delicate sandal with leaf pattern detail at the front and a wooden heel.
2,199 DKK