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Chie Mihara Mandana shoes.

Manufacturer: Chie Mihara
Classic beautiful sandal with a Chanel-style platform and T-strap.
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Mandana is a sandal that exudes classic elegance with understated charm. The T-strap design ensures a perfect fit on the foot, and the beautifully decorated pattern complements the black and white tones of the sandal.

Mandana features a small platform at the front, making the heel appear taller while ensuring the shoe remains comfortable to wear.

The sandal pairs beautifully with a simple ensemble and adds a touch of elegance to more formal attire. It looks equally stunning with a pair of distressed jeans as it does with a silk dress.

Designed to fit like a dream, Mandana provides arch support, making it suitable for all-day wear and dancing through the night.

Chie Mihara shoes are crafted in Alicante, Spain, by a designer from Japan with a background in orthopedics. Each pair is a work of art, showcasing the beauty of the feet while providing proper support and comfort.

  • Crafted from leather, with leather lining and sole,
  • Mandana comes in classic sizing and fit.
  • It has a heel height of 7 cm and a 2 cm platform at the front.
  • Chie Mihara shoes feature built-in arch support.