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Chie Mihara Tanzo low sandal

Manufacturer: Chie Mihara
Beautiful sandal with a low heel and the most exquisite cutout design in the front.
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A fabulous sandal that gives you the most beautiful foot and feels like a dream to wear.

The entire front of the sandal is a large piece of beautiful black suede, where the finest pattern is cut out almost like paper cutting, framing the toes and foot like a small work of art.

The sandal has a beautiful dusty pink heel, and along the sandal and in front of the toes, there is the finest warm bronze. The heel is only 2 cm high, and the slingback can be adjusted with a buckle, so the sandal sits perfectly all day.

The sandal is elegant with shorts, a skirt, or a dress and is feminine and chic with long pants. It's a really good feminine sandal that you can wear all day and have feet that hum with joy while feeling beautiful.

A timeless and beautiful classic that you will be very happy with for many years.

Chie Mihara's shoes are made in Alicante, Spain, and the designer is from Japan and trained as an orthopedic surgeon. All shoes from Chie Mihara are small works of art that bring out the most beautiful aspects of the feet while experiencing the right support around your feet and arches.

Everyday luxury and joy tucked into beautiful shoes that you will love for many years.

  • The sandal is made of leather, with the lining and sole also made of leather.
  • Size and fit are classic.
  • Heel height is 2 cm, and the slingback can be adjusted with a buckle on the side.
  • Chie Mihara shoes have built-in arch support.