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Legero ankle boot with zipper and goretex.

Manufacturer: Legero
SKU: LE2-000269
Stylish and cool sneaker boot with zipper on the inside.
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Classic and casual sneaker boot in blue suede with laces and zipper on the outside. The sneaker features a non-slip sole and is treated with GORE-TEX.

A Legero classic and indispensable part of the autumn and winter wardrobe. Once you've worn this sneaker boot on your feet, you've found yourself a faithful companion for many years.

The Tanaro sneaker boot has a comfortable and soft sole, a fit that wraps nicely around the ankle and foot, with full focus on comfort. The sneaker boot will add a casual touch to a more elegant dress or skirt, and pair it with jeans or slacks for a more sporty look.

Legero is an Austrian shoe brand where comfort, quality, and classic styles are combined in footwear with room for the toes. Legero is dedicated to developing shoes that you'll enjoy wearing all day. Legero primarily makes shoes in pure materials like leather, wool, with all soft and shock-absorbing soles, and where possible, they work with using recyclable materials in the sole.

Comfortable and classic shoes that you'll enjoy slipping your feet into.

  • The sneaker boot is made of suede and lined with breathable textile. It is treated with GORE-TEX.
  • Size and fit are classic.
  • The sneaker has a flat and soft sole that is non-slip.
  • Legero's shoes feel like walking on a cloud.